Sunday, April 22, 2012

Annual Earth Day river clean up draws thousands

It was a glorious spring day, which always helps. Over 4,000 people came out to participate in the annual river clean up sponsored by Milwaukee Riverkeeper. Today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the complete story but I got around to a few sites before I settled in at Krueger Park, along Underwood Creek, where I mostly pulled garlic mustard and baby buckthorns. Here are some images.

Large contingents fanned out along both sides of the Milwaukee River near North Avenue.

Volunteers working among the sandbar willows next to the rushing narrows just north of Caesar's Pool.

A plastic bag flutters like a defiant banner in the upper branches of a tree while volunteers collect an enormous volume of trash below.

It took a lot of heft to remove this old, rusted tailgate from a remote part of Krueger Park in Brookfield.

Furniture was the item of the day in Underwood Parkway, near 115th St.


  1. looks like an entire living room set!
    Ann B

  2. The apartments along Diane Drive treat that area along Underwood Creek as their personal dumping ground and have done so for years. Its frustrating. Its county property, but if no one patrols or cares it just becomes a place for people to dump their old furniture and appliances. That area is not used very much either, which is part of the problem and its quite lovely wetland/floodplain. It is proposed for possible demolition also or at least removal of an 80 foot swath of vegetation, for placement of an ATC electric transmission line. Find out more about that at or