Friday, March 1, 2013

PSC decision: power lines belong in Underwood Parkway

Tragic news today. The Public Service Commission ignored all the efforts by all the agencies, organizations, city and county officials, community groups, and individuals to preserve Underwood Parkway from overhead power lines. Considering all the testimony that's been presented to them from all the varied constituencies, a neutral observer could be forgiven for wondering what public the Public Service Commission serves.

All they care about is the money. The short-sighted decision is excerpted below. If you want to read the full press release go to the PSC website.

The PSC press release says:

"The Commission-approved routes for the project are as follows:

"East-West Section: The route begins at a proposed interconnection point located near 120th Street and West Diane Drive in the Underwood Parkway. Route B(1) lies north of and parallel to Underwood Creek and the CP railroad until it crosses to the south side of the creek at 115th Street. The route continues, following Underwood Creek, crossing the UP railroad, Watertown Plank Road, and STH 100. The route then turns and continues east, crossing the USH 45 freeway, and then parallels the east side of the freeway south to Watertown Plank Road. Turning east, the route follows the north side of the street until it reaches a point just south of the proposed MC Substation site.

"North-South Section: The route begins at the 96th Street Substation and follows the east edge of the USH 45 freeway ROW behind the Parkside Pool Apartments, the Montessori School, and St. Therese Church properties north to Watertown Plank Road, crossing Bluemound Road and Wisconsin Avenue. While the Commission will return to decide where undergrounding will begin at this section, the route will eventually reach a point just south of the proposed substation site. The route then turns to proceed north into the substation.

"All documents associated with the application may be found at the Commission's web site,, by typing in docket number 5-CE-139 into the Electronic Regulatory Filing System."

Read blogger Chris McLaughlin's response here. It's good. 

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