Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas trees and geese at Harley Davidson Museum

I was out in the Menomonee Valley again when it snowed yesterday. Did you know that you can buy your Christmas tree at the Harley Davidson Museum? I didn't know that. The big black cubic building was what drew my attention. It was quite striking in the snowy landscape. It's blackness was softened by the snow, as you can see in the photo above.

It wasn't until I drove in to park near the building that I noticed the orange fencing, which at first I took as part of the Harley Davidson color scheme. That seems to be a coincidence, though.

Out in front of the small, fenced tree lot the open field had attracted a huge flock of geese.

Now and then more geese landed singly or in small wedges. Most of them stayed hunkered down into the snow until I disturbed them by approaching too close.

I did catch a few flying over the museum from across the canal. I wrote a haiku to capture the contrast:

wintry stillness
a wedge of silent geese
a full-throttled roar

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