Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The County Grounds at the close of 2014

Followers of this blog will understand that I've been preoccupied with the Menomonee Valley for the past year as I served in my capacity of Artist in Residence there. (I have a new website dedicated to that work: Menomonee Valley.) But although I haven't written much about it I haven't completely neglected the County Grounds. Here is a year-end update and photo essay.

Amur maple, Eschweiler quadrangle
The biggest news has been the developments on and around Innovation Park. The Watertown Plank Rd. interchange is nearly complete and ground was broken for the apartments that will be built around the Eschweiler complex - the fate of which still hangs in the air.

The planned construction has of necessity led to more tree cutting near the Eschweiler complex. One beautiful maple in particular was documented throughout the year by Fred Retzlaff and the Friends of the Monarch Trail. The following sequence, from March through Sept. is Fred's:

This next shot is the one I took from the same location shortly after the groundbreaking in November.

More images from Innovation Park:

Oct., before tree clearing

The new Monarch Trail
The trail winds around the ABB company building
The maintenance building demolition in progress
On another part of the grounds, trees were cleared on the DNR's portion where the Forestry Exploration Center is planned to be built eventually.

A stand of cedars that had been planted in a straight line when this was still the county nursery was sacrificed.

Wil-O-Way Woods so far remains intact.

It is always nice to discover signs of wildlife out on the grounds, as here in the west detention basin.

Season's Greetings from the Urban Wilderness out here in Wauwatosa!

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  1. Sigh, so beautiful. The new year will bring new challenges--restoration has become the solution du Jour.