Friday, April 10, 2015

You can help WI DNR designate the monarch as our state butterfly

Wisconsin has a Conservation Congress that holds annual public hearings so that the public can provide input "on how to responsibly manage Wisconsin's natural resources for present and future generations."  That’s the good news, if you didn’t know about it already. The bad news is that you must attend in person to provide input. But you can. I have. It’s quite an education. And you get to vote on a wide variety of issues. This year there are two questions related to the monarch butterfly. 

I want to thank the Friends of the Monarch Trail for the following info:

DNR spring wildlife hearing and annual Conservation Congress county meetings

April 13, 2015 - 7:00 pm

Please go to your county’s Conservation Congress meeting location and cast your vote to encourage the DNR to designate and protect the monarch butterfly. (You do not need to vote on all items on the questionnaire. go to page 47 and vote on items 19, and 20.)


·       Milwaukee:  Nathan Hale High School, 11601 W Lincoln Avenue, West Allis, WI 5322

·       Waukesha: Waukesha Co. Tech. College, Richard Anderson Center, 800 Main Street, Pewaukee, WI 53072

·       For all other Wisconsin County locations:


QUESTION 19.  Saving the monarch butterfly (450114)

Wisconsin’s monarch butterfly population is at historic lows. The major reason for the monarch population reduction is that female monarchs only lay their eggs in/on milkweed plants and there has been a widespread loss of milkweed plants in Wisconsin resulting in the migration of fewer monarchs.

19. Would you support DNR efforts to institute a public awareness campaign aimed at restoring more milkweed vegetation in Wisconsin?   
Please vote YES!

QUESTION 20. Designation of the monarch butterfly as Wisconsin’s state butterfly (450114)

Twenty-seven other states already have a designated state butterfly. Designating the monarch butterfly as Wisconsin’s state butterfly could support and enhance efforts to save the monarch butterfly in Wisconsin.

20. Would you support legislation to designate the monarch butterfly as Wisconsin’s state butterfly? 
Please vote YES!

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