Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two Meetings Tuesday to Discuss Fate of Milwaukee County Grounds

I'm passing this information on from Barb Agnew, leader of the Friends of the Monarch Trail. I hope to make both meetings and I hope you'll join me.
As she says, if you can't make the meetings, send a message. Links below.

The Pressure is on: we need to keep pushing to hold the ground we have gained and continue our vigilance. The County, City, and Real Estate Foundation are waiting for us to give up but determination will win out.

2 meetings this week will impact the County Grounds----both on Tuesday April 27th, 2010
  • Parks Dept 5 pm-7- conservancy vs. soccer field---Sue Black will attend this hearing and I hope there will be many people to explain the incompatibility of wildlife, all natural, functioning habitat and soccer fields. If you cannot attend, send emails to her or me, I will bring them along as representing those who did not know about, or could not attend this meeting. 
  • Tosa City Hall-Committee on Community Development 8 pm. They will discuss and vote to hold or recommend the UWM proposal to the full Council (may 4th) We need to be here to support the 6 Preservation points and be sure the Alderpersons understand that they represent their constituents and the Hearing last Tuesday was a clear indication of public sentiment for the County Grounds! The Real Estate Foundation will be here in force to persuade the Committee.
If you cannot attend email:  State that it is for distribution to all alderpersons and for the record.

We all wonder why the UWM folks did not participate at the Public Hearing but I do not want them to overpower this committee with rhetoric or unsubstantiated promises. Again, our presence at this meeting will go a long way toward a better outcome for the County Grounds.

And know that the “time-crunch” excuse is an empty threat being used to hurry the Wauwatosa Common Council. The County is not entertaining other development on the Grounds and will give any time extensions the UWM Foundation requires. This IS the most important project Tosa will be making decisions on—they need to take the time to fully understand this plan!!!

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