Thursday, October 14, 2010

Milwaukee River Greenway in yellow and gold

It never fails to surprise me, no matter how many times I’ve been there. I walk away from the Urban Ecology Center, through Riverside Park, and down to the waterside. The twin parks flanking the Milwaukee River there, Riverside and Gordon, make a wonderful open green space. But a tall apartment tower and the Locust St. bridge remind me that I’m still in Milwaukee. It’s when I wander upstream along the hilly river trail that I begin to lose track of where I am. Not literally, of course. But by the time I reach Cambridge Woods, across from Pleasant Valley Park I have to pinch myself and listen for the traffic that can still be heard in order to be reminded. Milwaukee suddenly seems very far away indeed.

We have been blessed with one of the warmest, driest Octobers I can recall. My favorite time of the year, it’s hard to spend any of it indoors. Here is an offering of images from my recent hike into the Milwaukee River wilderness. Enjoy!

To see more pictures from the Milwaukee River Greenway go to my website.

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