Monday, July 9, 2012

Urban Wilderness story at

A couple weeks ago, out of the blue, I got a call from Will Doig at Will writes a blog called Dream City for My recent post about Cambridge Woods caught his search engine's eye. He wrote a very good story about urban parks and natural areas. It's called Is that a Forest Downtown?

Is that a forest downtown?
courtesy Wheelock
It's gratifying to see my own name, and a quote or two, in the article. But it means more to me that there is a growing awareness of the importance of urban wild places. Will says that there is "a renewed appreciation for wild space in cities — not just “green space,” but actual swamps, forests, wetlands and streams." Yes! 

Will quotes Ken Leinbach, director of the Urban Ecology Center, too. It's nice to be in such good company!

I've long contended that Milwaukee is overdue for the kind of attention that Portland, OR regularly receives for the quality of its urban green spaces. So, check it out: Is that a Forest Downtown?

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