Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Photo Essay: Update on Three Bridges Park

The next time you visit Three Bridges Park walk to it using the path from the Urban Ecology Center on Pierce Street. You will see an elegantly arched steel structure that has been newly placed along the Hank Aaron State Trail not far from the Valley Passage. On the inside surfaces of the twin arches you will see the laser-cut names of donors who made the park possible.

The primary purpose of the arches, which were dedicated recently, is to represent the named donors—and there are many. But they also symbolize the bridges for which the park is named, along with the metaphor of that name for a park that owes so much to so many and means so much to such a diverse constituency....

...Elsewhere in the park it was spring planting day. A couple dozen volunteers, along with Urban Ecology Center staff members, braved the heat to plant 900 small potted seedlings along the south edge of the park where lush vegetation meets a still running railroad. 

This story was published at Milwaukee Magazine.  Click here to continue reading.

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