Wednesday, May 12, 2010

County Executive Walker asks for input on 2011 budget

So, let's give it to him!

County Executive Scott Walker would like his constituents – if you live in Milwaukee County, that’s you – to give him some input on priorities for next year’s county budget.

Thanks to our trusty parks watchdog, Jim Goulee, you can go online and tell the Exec what you think. Jim is the Director of the Park People a non-profit dedicated to the parks. I encourage everyone to check them out and get involved.

Jim attended one of Walker’s public budget workshops, which had all been scheduled during the work day when most of us can’t attend, and suggested the online option.

Here are the three questions you will be asked when you go to the site, as well as my answers.

Co Exec Walker: In your opinion, what are the priority areas for County funding?
Urban Wilderness: Parks, transit, and potholes.

Co Exec Walker: What ideas/suggestions do you have for closing the 2011 Budget gap?
Urban Wilderness: Use the 1% sales tax that was approved in a referendum by the voters of Milwaukee County but vetoed by Governor Doyle.

Co Exec Walker: What questions/comments do you have for the County Executive regarding the 2011 Budget?
Urban Wilderness: I recommend that the county create a parks district that is independent of Milwaukee County and removed from its budget. The amount that the county currently pays towards the parks would be reduced from the tax burden. The sales tax would be used by the parks district to fund its operations.

To tell the County Exec what your priorities are, go to 2011 Recommended Budget Survey.

At the Urban Wilderness I hope you agree that the parks should be a priority – however you think they will be funded.

The images that bookend this post I shot today at Pleasant Valley Park, which is part of the Milwaukee River corridor, a.k.a. Milwaukee’s Central Park. I call the one below “an explosion of birch.”

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  1. Thanks for celebrating the spring birch. They are exploding!