Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mayor Barrett takes a walk in 3 Bridges Park

Yesterday, July 30, Mayor Tom Barrett led a group of over 50 people on a walk through Three Bridges Park in Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley. It was the latest lap of an effort to "Walk 100 Miles With the Mayor" that began, according to the City's website, 50 days ago. Mayor Barrett has reputedly walked 158 miles in that time. Presumably he added at least a couple more miles walking from one end of Three Bridges Park to the other and then back again.

The affair was well documented, as I expect are all events the Mayor attends. I joined a sizable cadre of camera-wielding participants, some more official than others. Here are a selection of images I captured of the Mayor's leadership as pedestrian-in-command.

Glenna Holstein, Director of the Menomonee Valley Branch of the Urban Ecology Center, joined Mayor Barrett to welcome participants and to explain the significance of Three Bridges Park.

Mayor Barrett leads the group through the Valley Passage towards the park.

At the Valley Passage Bridge the group paused to hear from Keith Holt, representing the Bike Federation of Wisconsin, who spoke about the importance of the Hank Aaron State Trail and opportunities available for biking along it.

Hoary Vervain grows in front of a section of the mural gracing the Valley Passage.

For some it was a family affair.

The Mayor led a few of the more adventurous along a newly opened (and as yet unnamed) segment of trail next to the Menomonee River.

Most of the crowd strung out along the Hank Aaron State Trail.

There was another pause at the middle bridge at 33rd Court where Holstein described the history of Three Bridges Park and its unique qualities.

Some of the youngsters giving Holstein their attention.

The group proceeded along the length of the park, which parallels an active railway, to the third bridge at Mitchell Park.

Some chose to leave the paved Hank Aaron Trail and follow the more sinuous gravel trail.

The most prolific wildflower currently in bloom is the gray-headed coneflower, also known as the goldenglow--for obvious reasons!

The participants gathered for a group portrait on the landing of the east bridge, which overlooks the Milwaukee skyline.

After assembling for the photograph, Mayor Barrett urged the participants to "make your way back at your own pace."

The Mayor, who has a prodigious stride, was quickly out in front of the pack.

However, he was always willing to pause to chat, to answer questions, or to accept a request to be in a selfie!

Heading past the community garden plots, still under construction.

Holstein pauses among the goldenglow, adds a glowing smile to the scene.

Almost back to the Urban Ecology Center.

"You Are Here" on the map of the Hank Aaron State Trail near the Valley Passage.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Zimmerman is open for gallery night

You're invited!

Menomonee Valley Artist Residency
Open House

Along with my hosts at Zimmerman Architectural Studios I invite you to visit with me on gallery night. Come see my latest artworks.

Zimmerman Architectural Studios
2122 W. Mount Vernon St.
Friday, July 25
5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

New work and works in progress will be on display.
If you have never been to the historic gas building that Zimmerman remodeled for their offices, it's worth a visit in itself!

Refreshments will be served.

Zimmerman is easy to see but hard to find. It is the large brick structure behind the tall octagonal tower near 25th Street between St. Paul and Canal Streets. Access is from 25th Street.

If you can't make it on gallery night, feel free to contact me to make an appointment:

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunrise in 3 Bridges Park

I made this shot early in the morning last Saturday (the sun rose at 5:19 and it was a few minutes after that, to be exact.) It became quite popular after I posted it on facebook so I thought I'd repost it here for anyone who may have missed it there.

I thought I knew where I wanted to be at sunrise, which was next to the bridge crossing over from 3 Bridges Park to Mitchell Park. But when I got there and the sun peeked up over the skyline (at 5:19) I was disappointed. The foreground was uninteresting and the sky above the distant band of clouds was clear. It's hard to plan a good sunrise, I thought. Bit of a crap shoot. So I started walking back through the park. It was just as I reached the hill overlooking the pond that the closer band of clouds blew in overhead and reflected off the surface of the water.

Snake eyes.

This post is one in a series that relates to my Menomonee Valley Artist in Residency. For more information about the residency and links to previous posts and photographs, go to MV AiR.

Friday, July 4, 2014

You can help plan the future of the Menomonee Valley

Milwaukee has much to celebrate. Milwaukee has chronic problems that must be addressed if we are to become a truly great city. These twin themes seem to dominate public discourse in our community and for good reason. They are both true.

3 Bridges Park in spring
Likewise, the City of Milwaukee, Menomonee Valley businesses and other stakeholders are celebrating the successful completion of the 1998 Menomonee Valley Land Use Plan by initiating a new plan, which is called Menomonee Valley 2.0. The new plan is intended to address on-going redevelopment challenges.

You can help draw new maps and create the new plan. 

Please go to Arts Without Borders to see how, to read the rest of the story and see more photos. 

This post is one in a series that relates to my Menomonee Valley Artist in Residency. For more information about the residency and links to previous posts and photographs, go to MV AiR.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

ATC begins tree cutting in Underwood Parkway

Those who have been following the Underwood Creek Parkway controversy about placing power lines through there to provide power to the proposed We Energies substation on the County Grounds know that permission was granted by the WI Public Service Commission months ago. (Read my original post describing the issues by clicking here.)

The work began in earnest recently. Wauwatosa, an officially designated "Tree City USA," is losing more of them. The power lines will run along the north side of the railroad tracks from the existing powerlines near 119th St. to 115th St. (above) They will then cross the tracks, the road, and Underwood Creek to follow the Oak Leaf Trail east of 115th St. (below)

I don't know what is being done in the park between the Parkway road and the creek west of 115th, but something is. Construction fences surround many of the existing trees and cyclone fences surround at least two sections where work is being done. Here's what it looked like over the weekend.