Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Year resolutions from Urban Wilderness!

2011 New Year's resolutions:

1. go outside more often
2. walk in Milwaukee County Parks
3. work to preserve the Monarch Trail, Milwaukee County Grounds
4. Support the Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee Riverkeeper, the Park People, and the Hank Aaron State Trail
5. Encourage Milwaukee County to increase support for the Parks
6. Encourage State Legislature to enable the establishment of a Regional Parks District
7. Encourage the federal government to strengthen environmental protections
8. Find and visit natural areas wherever I travel
9. Share my experiences with others
10. Keep blogging

My hope for the new year is that you, my friends, will enjoy the natural world all around as I do and help to preserve it for future generations to enjoy. To quote from my book, Urban Wilderness..., "We can't live on Earth as if renting space in nature; we are nature, wherever we live."

The image on my "card" above is of the Rock River near downtown Rockford, Illinois. I awoke before dawn to find the trees encased in a fine crust of crystaline snow. The temp was below zero, steam rose from the river. It was quite magical, as if, instead of bundling up in a sweater, long johns, boots, parka, Russian hat, and scarf, I had lain in bed and dreamt of a fairy tale landscape full of mist and sugary trees. But it was real and I could enjoy it because of its proximity to the city. As soon as the sun rose, the trees began to thaw. Within an hour they were bare again. Hoorah for the urban wilderness!

And thanks to all who have been following my first year as a blogger. Your encouragement keeps me going. I invite you to leave a comment with your own hopes or resolutions for the new year.

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