Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Artificial nature in New York City

Alienation from nature goes to a new low in New York City as people flock to an indoor “park” with fake grass, plastic foliage, and lighting fixtures that simulate sunlight in order to “treat seasonal affective disorder.” The artificial park described in an article in the New York Times is not even aesthetically tasteful, like Milwaukee’s domes or any indoor botanical garden might be. I can relate to seasonal affective disorder – Milwaukee winters can be long and brutal to the soul. But New York has plenty of real parkland outdoors – more than most cities – and there’s no substitute for the real thing when it comes to nature. If it’s cold it’s a good idea to bundle up, but still...go outdoors!

This story is sad on so many levels:

Make sure you check out the slide show, it is unbelievable.

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