Saturday, September 21, 2013

Acts of Wilderness: Wildspace in the Menomonee Valley

Bravo Wildspace!

I'm at a loss for words. Wildspace performed tonight in 3 Bridges Park. It was quite incredible. One of the best features was the procession of the crowd, which numbered in the hundreds by my estimate. It felt like a sacred procession participating in an ancient ritual honoring the earth that we have chosen to reinvigorate here in the Menomonee Valley. No way to capture that through photographs in the dark (although another surprising aspect of the experience was how not so dark the dark was, like a full moon under an overcast sky.) In fact, there's no way to capture the performance, dark or not. Photographing a dance is like pinning a butterfly in a glass case. The dead object may be beautiful in its way but all the life has gone out of it.

Nevertheless, I took some photos. Here are a few shots that turned out reasonably well under difficult circumstances.

Under the Viaduct
Large Pond

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