Saturday, April 26, 2014

Burning Washington Park: a photo essay

It was a beautiful day to burn the park. Not only that, it was Earth Day. How appropriate to celebrate Earth Day by using fire to manage invasive species!

I've been hoping to catch a burn for a number of years. The Urban Ecology Center has instituted a policy of controlled burning in the parks that it oversees, including Riverside and Washington Parks. I missed last year's burn, but thanks to Jamie, the UEC Riverside branch manager who alerted me, I made it to Washington Park on April 22 to witness the event this year.

Here are a selection of the photos I made that day. To see additional images from the burn, go to my flickr page.

The burn was conducted by a team of specialists from Dare Ecosystem Management. Here is the first drip of fuel. A three-acre section of the park was burned. Portions of the site were wooded; others open meadow. Some of it is visible in the background.

The flames mostly clung to the matted grasses on the ground, but there was an occasional flare up. These were suppressed as needed with water sprays.

Members of the Milwaukee Fire Dept. came to observe.

 To see additional images from the burn, go to my flickr page.

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