Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hiking Havenwoods with Brew City Safari

Havenwoods, despite its designation as a State Forest, is largely prairie. On Saturday, when I joined up with Brew City Safari for the second week in a row, the sky was gloomy and the prairie mostly dull shades of umber. But the temperature was perfect and we had a lovely walk. I took a few photos, as is my habit, and even managed to find a few spots of color here and there.

At about our halfway point we came to a boardwalk that led us out over a wetland and pond.

There we were joined by Beth, one of the State Forest rangers. She had caught a number of small creatures, such as damselfly larvae.

They were placed into lab magnifiers so that we could observe their forms and movements.

The youngest member of our party grabbed one of the nets and promptly caught a healthy-sized tadpole, held here by Beth.

I also learned from Beth that this is called "panic grass" because of the way the stems diverge, kind of like a grassy fireworks display.

There are actually a few woodland areas in the state forest.

Brew City Safari has yet another hike scheduled for October 22 and then one in November. For more information go to their website.

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