Tuesday, December 6, 2016

First snowfall: Greenfield Park and Havenwoods

Greenfield Park, West Allis

Sunday was one of those magical days. Big, fluffy snowflakes floating out of the sky. Weekend lassitude. A walk in the park. A walk in a forest in a park. A forest thick and silent with new fallen snow. And, mysteriously, after the first few minutes I had it all to myself.

Here is what I saw, along with a couple of haiku for good measure:

in the snowbound forest
Packer game today

the silent forest
surrounding me        somewhere
the city

Havenwoods State Forest, Milwaukee

Monday morning I went out early, partly to beat rush hour traffic but mostly because I was afraid that the snow would melt off the trees. And it did, very quickly. Again I had the place to myself. After nearly two hours I finally met a dog walker on my way back to the car.

I love the solitude, but I fear for a society that has no time for nature. Here’s what I have of it to share:

woodland stillness
…a train roars by…
deeper stillness

soft growl of traffic
in the fresh snow
coyote tracks

sunless sky
over the prairie
Cooper’s hawk

first snowfall
already the trail

To see a selection of Milwaukee’s parks in all seasons go to my Flickr album.

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