Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Challenging conventional wisdom in Kansas and Louisiana

Hello friends of the urban wilderness. I've been silent for a couple weeks, away from my computer - in Nicaragua. I recommend taking a computer-free vacation now and then. It's very relaxing.

I haven't had time to write anything new, but I'm catching up on two weeks of old news. Apparently Nicaragua isn't the only hot place in our hemisphere! Check out this story from the NY Times on doing without air conditioning, even in the heat: No Air-Conditioning, and Happy.

The only air conditioning I felt for the last two weeks was in the vehicles that I rode in - and not all of them! So, I can relate very well to that story. I can't help recalling my youth, when we had no air conditioning. Somehow we survived. Of course, fewer people lived year round in Florida or Arizona back then for that very reason.

The other story that caught my attention is about challenging conventional wisdom regarding events in the gulf, which don't seem to have changed much in the weeks since I left. This one is also from the NY Times: Daring to Pose a Challenge to the Oil Culture. This is a topic I reflected on myself in an earlier post.

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