Sunday, July 4, 2010

Coal & Dirty Jobs win, clean jobs & environment lose

Predictably, the politicians caved in to Bucyrus in the face of the prospect of lost jobs. Read my previous post on this by clicking here. Today’s story in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is all about the great effort made by the Bucyrus CEO, Tim Sullivan, in his successful effort to save his company from the loss of a contract to build coal mining equipment for India. Sadly, there is no attempt by the newspaper to question the larger issues of coal production and use that are at stake here, nor any suggestion that dirty jobs in the coal industry can be (let alone should be) replaced with clean jobs in renewable energy.

For a very thorough and eye-opening analysis of this critically important issue, however, it is worth revisiting an excellent story that was published in Milwaukee Magazine last fall: King Coal.

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