Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gallun Tannery demolition complete on Milwaukee River

The wintry Milwaukee River is a featureless white tablecloth, a foreground for the now vacant lot that once   contained the Gallun Tannery. I took a short stroll along the Riverwalk yesterday and shot this brief visual meditation on the current state of the Milwaukee River where it is bracketed by Commerce and Water Streets near the Holton Street Bridge.

The only remaining Gallun structure, an already redeveloped office building on the far side of Water Street, overlooks the now vacant lot and the river. The current economic climate, the site's difficult topography, and environmental concerns conspire to make redevelopment a challenge.

A short stretch just west of the Holton Street Bridge is the sole remaining "wild" riverbank downstream of the former North Avenue dam. In warmer weather it is a welcome bit of greenery for the many boaters that enjoy the river, as well (I assume) as the condo owners that face it from the north side of the river. I certainly enjoy seeing it as I pass by on the Riverwalk.

View past The Edge condomiums of the river and vacant Gallun site.

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