Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wild Wauwatosa comes to Wauwatosa Patch

Dear fans of the urban wilderness: I have a new beat - although it overlaps with my old beat. I've been invited to write a weekly column for the new online news venue called Wauwatosa Patch. My column is called Wild Wauwatosa and I will be covering much of the same thematic territory in the more limited physical territory of Wauwatosa.

Recently completed outflow structure for the MMSD detention basins
So, if there's something happening out on the County Grounds...

Mating geese considering a nesting place at the Burleigh Triangle?
Or if I simply run across some curious phenomenon of nature in this urban setting, you will probably hear about it at Wild Wauwatosa. My latest post is about last weekend's river cleanup, organized by Milwaukee Riverkeeper.

A painting found in Underwood Creek has ironic poignancy
I invite you to check out Wild Wauwatosa by clicking this link.

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