Friday, January 20, 2012

County Board to consider resolution regarding power lines in parks

The Parks and Parkways need your support!

The Milwaukee County Parks, Energy and Environment Committee is meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 24.  Supervisor Schmitt plans to introduce a resolution that would prohibit power lines in Milwaukee County Parks, Parkways, the Oak Leaf Trail, or wetlands and natural areas. This is an excellent step! He can use all the support we can give. Details below.

If you cannot make the meeting please look for the contact information below and send a note of support for this resolution.

The impetus for this resolution is the proposal by the American Transmission Company (ATC) to route a power line through Underwood Parkway. This proposal not only would compromise the integrity of Underwood Parkway, a stretch of the Oak Leaf Trail, and the common good, it would set a terrible precedent for all Milwaukee County Parks and Parkways. The ATC proposal provides alternative routes, but they have indicated that the parkway route is a preferred one. 

Proposed power line route: Oak Leaf Trail in Underwood Parkway
To learn more about this issue read my previous posts.

Here are the key points of the proposed resolution:
  • The county and city support the effort to supply additional electricity.
  • The county and city oppose Route B, which runs through Underwood Parkway.
  • The county and the city oppose any other current or future plans involving placement of high voltage electric transmission lines along Milwaukee County Parkways, the oak Leaf Trail, or wetlands and natural areas.
  • The county and city request that ATC trench the transmission lines that will traverse the County grounds.

Supervisor Schmitt has said that his resolution will be first on the agenda on Tuesday. The committee meeting begins at 9 a.m. and will be in either Room 201B or 203R of the County Courthouse. If you can attend, please allow time to go through the security checkpoint at the entrance. I hope you'll join me there.

If you cannot attend, contact:

Chairman Lee Holloway
Milwaukee County Board

Supervisor James "Luigi" Schmitt
A complete list of county supervisors is available here.

A similar resolution is being introduced at an upcoming Wauwatosa Common Council meeting. Please send a copy of your message to Common Council Chair and Acting Mayor, Eric Meaux:

Let's keep our parkways and bike trails free of power lines.

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