Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kinnickinnic River views

Last week, during the heat wave, the rivers revealed much that had been buried under ice and snow. Here are a few snaps from the section of the KK that is part of the MMSD flood control project, between 6th Street and 16th Street. (The concrete channel is to be removed and the river reconfigured.)

Santa caught in the stream.

View west from 6th Street, with Santa Claus.

No words needed.

One of the houses on the list for demolition.

The slabs of ice struck me as appropriate metaphors for the slabs of concrete that will soon be removed from the KK channel. (In 2008 the KK was designated one of the ten most endangered rivers in the country. Federal funding for mitigation followed, thankfully!)

For more images of the KK River, go to my flickr page.

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