Monday, September 6, 2010

Rainbow graces the Milwaukee County Grounds and Eschweiler buildings

photo courtesy LuAnn Washburn
Everyone knows the famous maxim of real estate: location, location, location. Well, similarly, the first three rules of photography are “be there, be there, and be there.” I wasn’t there last Friday and so I didn’t see or shoot this magnificent rainbow. LuAnn Washburn, Friend of the Monarch Trail, was there and did. She also saw the largest gathering of butterflies yet this season that same evening. Thank you for sharing these images, LuAnn! One can hope that that rainbow is an auspicious omen and that the Eschweiler buildings it arches over will be saved along with the butterfly habitats necessary to the sustainability of the Wauwatosa stopover.

photo courtesy LuAnn Washburn

I went out this evening to see if the catch would be repeatable. Of course, it wasn't the same, but the County Grounds rarely disappoints.

The sunset was suitably flaming and I found yet another praying mantis who wanted to pose for me - a brown variety this time. Without moving any other part of its body, it kept swiveling its head to follow my movements as I set up my tripod and framed several shots. I was fortunate that it held so still. I needed a two second shutter speed. Here’s another rule of photography: bring extra batteries for your flash. I didn’t get butterfly shots this evening because mine were dead. The butterflies were there, along with many Friends of the Monarch Trail. Once again I saw friends there, some who were making return visits and some who were there for the first time. If you haven't been, please come out. You too will become a friend of the monarchs.

Just how many legs does this guy have anyway?

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