Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Green Rivers

Do you know what color your river is today?

I had read that the the sewers were being tested, but it still came as a shock when I happened upon the acid green waters in a neighborhood creek that carries run off into the Menomonee River. I imagine that anyone who didn’t know what was happening would be more than shocked. In fact, I’ve gotten emails from folks that were disturbed as well as curious. (I guess I’m ready-reference now for the rivers! I’m flattered. But, for anyone who doesn’t already know this, the person who really knows all about this stuff is our Milwaukee Riverkeeper, Cheryl Nenn.) The obnoxiously bright green is harmless dye deliberately introduced into drains by the City of Wauwatosa to detect what is called infiltration and inflow, which is supposed to help them track down where actual pollution is coming from. I hope it works!

To read a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about the testing and the flooding that precipitated it, go to "Tosa sewer test finds big leaks in home laterals."

For more information contact Milwaukee Riverkeeper.

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