Monday, September 20, 2010

Who wants to sell this view from O'Donnell Park?

It's bad enough that the county cares so little about the public interest that they sold some of the best views on the county grounds in Wauwatosa to a private real estate developer who plans to put condos and apartments there. (Scroll back for many previous posts on this subject.) Now we have a proposal to sell this view from O'Donnell park for the same purpose! In other words, instead of preserving this view - which, as we all know, has become an icon for the city of Milwaukee - for the entire public to enjoy, the county is considering its sale to a private developer so that only a few condo owners would have that opportunity.

Please read Dan Cody's blog on this for more details:
"Sup. Lynne DeBruin’s Misguided Proposal to Privatize Public Park Land at O’Donnell Park"

And then contact your county supervisor and share your views.

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